Thursday, July 9, 2009


3 2xRum+Coke
1 Shot (unknown (thanks Ryan))

oooooooh man where to start.

So helens tonight ( if you couldnt tell from the drink list). amazing night. D/B lab came out, which was fun, they all peaces a bit early for my tatstes but then again I wasn't hanging out wih them that much. See i wish i was but im in too many spheres and they're not my primary when it comes to chillage. my primary did come, not my primary primary but my primary, the lease got fucked up,

but i do have a primary primary now, and that's awesome that's goats. Oh man I don't even know wheere/how to begin. im diggin it though mad hard.

however pheramonens are kicking in, but it's at that point where I don't even care. 2 weeks ago and you would have been fine but now that pheramones are kicking in you want to smell them. negitive dog.

Im leaving soon, and im pumped about it. well see what goats says but i think they know already.

i dont even know what to type. 5 in 45 will do that to you. I'm out of groceries so I guess I'm buying lunch tom. cafateria salads whats up (so dank). Either way I only "bough" 2 drinks toingiht, how does that work, cuase I know I got atleast one for myself and.... ok I think I should have paid for 3 but still, they got it back in tips. This also secures better/more boooze from now on.

I'm really pumped about that lunch salad im eatting tom, you guys have no idea.

I should post more r/c, because once goats are back there'll be no time. so here we go effort to make more rxc before goats.

jea jea

Sunday, May 31, 2009

1 OE
1 PBR40
1 prb

sketchism avoided


left the light on for you gove lock the door.

my AC is on, not my armor class thats only 16 cause i took armor prog (chainmail) i better get some duber chaul mail cause i already do 2d6 as 1(w). cheac

ultimate breafast toin get pumped

Saturday, May 23, 2009

i gotta pizza!

2 OEs


best bike ride ever

again, i wanna hate you but i cant cause you threw up on yourself because i was laughin tonight

love you, hurtin on the other.

fuck it, franswa, rebeard where were you dudes tonight. had a beautiful night without you anyway. so many great convos, this movie is ruinin my boner.

ragin in a glass fuckin cage

Dz on that bitch:

3 12oz hi lifes
1 Tallboy
1 purple jooce

ok sketch sausage fuckin left irght and center, bad enough about the cars and shit. but really? I know you're a mess but you're supposed to be cool about that shit girl. Events, honestly? no unnessicary. and TB i pissin love you but fuck I just want to trust and believe you. even know i dont believe its been two weeks. but that's just me.

shits the internet. and no youre not. godamit.

Monday, April 13, 2009


bonus blog tie in?

2 Soporros
4-5 Pyramid pints

ok so what the fuck was tonights interent?

all I want is 4 walls and adobe slats for my girls

man weirdness tonight, looks, stuff, cheers gov.

toms guna bloooooow i need to make more real Ragecages cause these last ones i havent een ragin or thyve been like this where they aernt so great

im just tryin to keep it pure, ya know? maybe i should delte this. and not do it agin

it's a cute idea but i mean after awhile its jsut like wtf gov. 7-15-cheers gove

good time tonight though. yellowcard.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

you know where jackie is better than I do

1 Legend Golden Ale
3 PBRs

ok so I haven't done this in awhile, sinc e iver dtber dhbr yde tgetre. eww the weak fish. i know thats exactly its like not even about being poilte.

ok so check this shit out, jess mother fuckin mess ia 10 not 10 but 19 today. for an hour shes been 19. so you mutherfuckers need to get on the ballz with a z like bodillaz and check her hout cause sbes gayyyyyyyt, ""ahppy birhtday jes!

she i dont edit this so iccan ttpe nd talk to you and itll e giberish? but

ya see im not reallly "rage cage" drunk but ya free ass hehe ass

the end. hapy birthday jess

Saturday, March 21, 2009

get this its a shround

1) Legend Brown ale
2) .75 OE (nword)

See I cant say the real n word cause im not black. amd i never dated a black guy. so its its its its its its its its no beuno. i used to to think I black. dude dude jack totally ripped picakshu head. they wrre totaslly gunna fill it with beer. ok so this keay board. board made of kets is totally fuckin with the internet cause its not the internet that im used to and so its like a hard dick in my butt. i hope lary sanders does a 2 handed slam on my dick. cuase im jeff ni muchtfuckin macondadols. i was gunna turn ni into somethung else but im not black. man its racey night

ok so chck this out. 911 was totally the WTC (world tade centers) fault. Dude if the WTC didnt get in the way of a bitchin jump it wouldnt have gotten brike riped (brick raped in richmond). duide those werent planes, they were fuckin bullet train doin buitch jump to travel through time/.

check my new movie. Rape Vikings. it
's movie. about bkings. bikinds bicounds. vinkings. vikings. and so like their viking ship is a bullet train. and they travel through time. but! the only way they can travel throgh time is through bitchin jumps. and so they land in a time perido. peirod. guitar solo. and they have to build a nother bitching jump bu killing and raping and pillaghing and fucking and raping and fuck the locals, until they have enough bones, sinuw, cum, abordted feturss the build another bitchin jump for the bullet viking ttsin. and then the do a bitch jump into a ntoher time period and it stats all over. its gunna be 8 hours long. and then a guys gunna bring his girlfriend and the ticket guy is gunana .wpospod you brouigh your giurlfklsdkf?! what about this looks anything like whay a girl woul enjoy? dos this look like a jack rabbit? does this look like jack? cause we know what kinda girl like jacks. theyre called leas. and thats kinda gross. im sorry cad wilkder i still ove and your guitar solos. but im sorry you lost an action point. you failed your will vs intelegence save. /

the internet

Monday, March 16, 2009

so its been awhile


3.5 saporros (fuckin cory and his accidental rounds (jsn ur gurl is fuckin up!))

So this is grapes.

Lulz vaginal bear traps.

This is why you don't rape girls.

it's been awhile, oh dont worry ive still been getting drunk enough for these but it seems like not enough time to do emmmmmm

still lovein the internet so you guys get out there. i still need to work out how to get memebers on the blog posting list, until then write me guest posts and ill repost

how the fuck is it still raining?

how the fuck does G look like Q when its lowercase, I almost said quest!

P.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s I'm lookin' for someone to DM a 4.0 group, pref with people alreay in it. i just wanna sit in on a 1st lv night and see how shit goes so i can teach it. hahah who am i kidding no one reads this grabage (thats french for garbage)

Monday, February 23, 2009

its always a battle

3 Soporros

Man so something weird, tonight when I came into my room. I don't know what it was, but for some reason it was just the right lighting to make me think of you. I half way expected you to be asleep here. But your not. maybe its cause i just txtd you. and i didnt say good night to you in person.

maybe i shouldnt have gone out tonight. i was getting sick and right now my head feels like its full of fire. or more embers more of a warming but still pressure building sensation. possible bad idea? well see tomorrow morning.

man i wish you were asleep next to me tonight.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

That's exactly why shouldnt go home with someone i dont know

3.5? Oldcrow/Dr. Pibbs (even thought we know he just got his masters)
1/2 PRB "pitcher" it was 8 bux too much. I shared a little

ok so what i write about. some k ept drinin praticks beard.

This is why suck jess. because she makes us a bagin past (i addded sun chips) and then she dips with some randasaurus and she join the cuddle puddle. now it just gunna ve me and pdubs. not panera but patcik (rockbeard (red beard)). but not brody patrack ice red bead. hes diff sauce. i have to pee. umm check the drawn under the coffe maker for aluminum foil. but not my foil. cause 1) i dont take fecning 2) i dont like spots of teats ,or dogs for that matter #) im not th eniter net 4) im not hertoic to have a foil, i mean who would pick me as their protagtonist? not me? and thats saying something. imana eat some more pasta. itll be tight. not its cool jess i have some in my bowl just six nix to da pizzle, not that pizza. that pizzza is old. sit next to pizzle (patcik) hes got red genese. not jeans. cause thats me . but g genes. like red hair . where the fuck is cory? ????? fuck that kid says that kid. jesscia says the one thgats dippin the fuc k out with randosaurus rexasaurs. tlka shit iw dont even know what he just said. dude their all on the intenret like not even facebook.

txts can be el dangerousso. hope your ok. <3s even thouh
lil soul +crew. you dipped. which makes you weak. no we should not listen to bed folds. there i dont want you to show me some bed folds. well i have 3 blogs. rifhtrno w im in the durnk bkog. regeistering everthing we say. then theres the dnd blog. then theres ninjasnackpants. oh man you didnt txt back. bad news bears. ok

so this is good to rap up theyre singing flaming lips and then bright eyss just came so this is bad news bears.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Got myself my body back

2 Legend Golden Ale 22s

When the fuck did we all gorve up? We're all kids still? I've been a "legal" adult for 3 some years now. I can buy alchol now, the only things I can't do on my own is rent a car and get the early bird special at dennys. I could die for my country right now, so why don't I feel like an adult? I'm just some fucking kid wandering through life not knowing which way is up. I'm dealing with all this "adult" shit but the word looks foeign to me. I went to a "pokemon" party tonight. It was syterical but I mean, that was our childhood. Childhood? Shithood. I',m not supposed to be this old. I'm gearing up to leave my stomping grounds, the place thats hosted me all my lif. I'm not ready, and I doubt another 4-6 months will do that. there are so many connections that I'm just statying to form that I'm going to abandon when I leave. Holy shit. 21 years. 2 decades. and it's only getting worse.

Chronic Future, take me home.

I don't want nostalaga.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Guest Post from: Le Sac Gonflable!

So anyways I was at the camael
I drank three pabbers and one-turd bottle of wurrrrrrrd uhrrrish ROOOSE
so back to the kamael- i was at the dick parety and theyre were like only too dicks dat i cud see i was like WTF WHERES DA DICK KACE da dick pihnata al the dick slides n shit WASENT ENROUHG DICJKS TO WARRENT A "DIC PARty"
back to the etale at hand - I awas sitting therere taakin a abreathere from the adance and i saw like a buch o prepops PEOPLE* go into the bathroom and i was like shit therer must be be siome mad sexy stuff goin on int here and ninida was all CHECJHK IUT OUT so snuck up rrrrr close and cracked thast door andsi gueesss WHAT? ervryone in there waswd all alkdaughin and takinf noff dey shoos so i left
AND later some odf em came oot casrryin they shoes ansd still laughguin.
anyyways funinner if you was there.
judt thoiught id terlll a good story er what evs. shiiiiiiiiiiiitiit
So hioew bout obama? yay?
anyways i ugitta pdeace out n siht
I fournfd a meatress theat smelld liek pisss wonce!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

chickens dont clap

The Deal:
3 Sparks

So whats up with life right now? I mean who really knows which way is up in this crazy undercavern maze? If only we were all dwarves, and we could tell how far we were the surface we are as easily as Humans could tell which way is north. I don't know I don't really have anything to talk about. Just life and its crazies.

I'mna throw out some shoutouts thou: cause thats how I do.
616 Spring: sorry I couldn't make it out tonight team, I'm the biggest flake in the world, but I hope shit was epic without me.
3/5 svine crew: you guys are tight I should make more appearances
DSM gang: I can hear you guys in the halls of my mind, I kinda wanna come chill but I have work in the morn
314 pine: you guys have my heart, current and past members, you kids are the jams
104 lomb: I love all of you, sorry i didnt call you today like I said I would, hope the seas have smoothed out
to all my gurc homz: do it, do it now
to my dubs crew: breakin my balls, workin and not workin, its all legit gimmie more CDs
to HH: heartz like one onz biz, wish I wasn't banned

to all my people, I love you all
to all my enemies, watch your back, this city will only offer you so much.

to Lcurl-txt me, i know your shittin bricks but i wanna make sure you got home alright.

Friday, January 30, 2009

since youre not gunna suggest anything

1 Olde Engurlsh 40
3? Double Rum + Cokes

I don't give a fuck who sara and miles are.. evene if they are learned.

yeah you need to chill out with that shit. so what should we talk about it?

ok so trees with face..... who apparently jack off on each other


this intent is the worst ive seen in you

godamn it im just tryin to shift+enter to get down but no it goes dfown on its own

re going to hell x2- cuase you got nunraped.

maybe if they have enough i only ghave 5 tabs

5 bar tabs lolololoolololololololololokloV :::bartf::

sao descartes walks into a bar, and says they give me a beer and he drinks it and he lopves with ap and then the bartender says do you want another beer , and descartes says i think not and then he dissapears but he dosent pay his tab. tjhe bar tenders peevfes but he have descates credit csard descards card of crediit!?! ?!?!?11?11/1!?!?>1?1?1?1?1?1?1?!?!?!!?!?

decartes dick is open till 4. loloplollp lolipop

what the fuck is the internet, theres so many erros thats why its a drunk blogggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

I love the internet.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

fucking eharmony bullshit

1 Rum and Coke
3 double Rum and Coke(s) (all at Roxy)

ok so what the fuck is up with commercials?
1) the subaru imprzu whatever commerical
side part) milk?! FUCKING MILK!? the universe knows milk isnt really good for you! this shit is crazy staires! dont try to tell me milk is good, I aint no fuckin cow calf! bitch milk aint no good!
anyway, subaru imprezu or what the fuck ever. its the one where the guys like i love my boxer engine and i love anyone else who has it and he puts some coinage in a metere when a cop is coming and the metere is out but its not his but its another subaru. any way he drives off down an ally, thats mad smooth. What fucking kind of ally is that smooth? I live in richmond fucking virginia! There is no such thing as an ally so smooth that you can tokyo drift down it.
2) the tostidos with a hint of jalapeno commerical
what exactly is a hint? curl please your in a super market and "if you dont use your baby maker itll go bad" what the fuck does that even mean. talkin about you mom? are you talkin about having babies or are you talkin about bonin. bonin like the sun wont come up in the morning.

little muffin heads jumped dean in the parking lot cause he was gay

Saturday, January 24, 2009

On Relationships

Ok so I don't want this to become a theme but fuck it it's a drunk blog, its supposed o be my the most uncencored shit out thur. no dem internetz

Drinks tonight:
1 High Life 40
1.5 Sparks

Ok so, Kevin Devine is distracting me but I'm gunna rant on for awhile about shit. It's all gunna be really pathetic specific shit that I hope no one gets, cause if you do that means that you're close to it but fuck the internets.

So last night at the show, all I wanted was to hold you hand but you didn;t so i kept telling myself that it was for the better, cause Im not supposed to be getting my hopes up, i told you you're not happening in richmond. whatever. so i told you to txt me and you did and we were gunna hang out but then you were like im too tired im going to bed. and against my better judgment I txted you to see if i could stay over, and I knew there was a better chance of you sayinf yes because ya nighr life. so w/ez i went over, not expecting shit, and even as i sat there with you in bed i was trying to decide if i should leave, and i was kind drunk but i kept drinking to convine myself that this was a good idea. so i stayed, i pretneded like everything was the fucking past and it was all cool. and i woke up early this morning but i keept pretending cause thats what i what i wanted. then i went to work and i started to think about everything. and i kept going in and out of weither or not me staying was a good idea. so i txtd you and then I asked if we should keep hanging out, because really its not good for either of us in real life. and you said maybe i may txt you late tonight. so iwent to a frends house and drank, and i waited for your txt, i chatted up other girls but i waited, all night and nothing, so when i was drunk enough i txtd you and now i dont know what the fuck im doing, all i wanted i had last night but its like fucking poision, ya know, i know its bad for me but it's all i want. its like those old fucking habits of mine. i still think about them but i know its bad and im able to stave it off.

fuck the interent, i hate it all, i hate the music i sing, i hate the life i lead. im leaving this fucking city and whatever.

fuck it all.

I feel like Chris, but he died of a brain hemorage or something.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On Secrets/On Small Cities

3 Pyramid (Bottles)

So Richmond is a relatively small city. And thus the grapevine runs deep and entangles much. Ergo, if you want your secrets kept secret, you have to really think about who you let known. Now there are some who you can tell won't keep your secrets secret. So you should look out for those people and learn quickly who will keep your secrets safe. I like to think that I have few if any secrets and that those who know them will keep them safe. I know how quickly news, espeically bad news, can travel in a city where there is so few degrees of seperation between people. With circles so large and people belonging to multiple circles it's odd to think would could find out your most personal things if you tell the wrong person. I feel confident in what I tell people but still, it gets me thinking. Who really knows specific details about my life, how many people know things I don't want them to know? Who knows. Back to David Bowie (maybe)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

more of a you got a new txt message

Ok so heres the format

a) What I've Drank

B) words

3) closing words?

thats a good format?

SO what I drank for post (1).

1.5 Jooces + 1 Yingling Bottle (longneck (dinosaur))

Lil Soul: Write Quanza dood
Jack: Thats not what he drank

Saturday, January 17, 2009


so at the advice of a very prestigouse friend, ive created a drunk blog. ive already got one for dnd and real life. but im makin a drunk blog. itll be tight. so what to talk about.

number one) when the fuck did richmond get so weak. this is the second night in a row ive been kicked out of a house party. if youre going to have a house party in a fucking colledge town you need to have it in a place where sleeping roomies wont get buggeded and or you need to expect to be up until 5am. seriously. last night it was 1:30 and tonight before 230.

number 2) why the fuck does my phone keep dying? its weak as a bitch! its not even funny how weak this god damn phone is, its not even 3 mothns old? idk its still new and it sucks a fat babies dick. it cuts out when im trying to qwerty txt and then it cuts out randomly

number c) sup with people tryin to chill during break but not really. like I;ve had multiple people be like omg i miss you lets hang out but then nothing. 2-3 weeks of chill time and nothung. fake friends? possibly? not even true but possibly ture. i sitll love you guyws

number 4) lil soul and jack mailnly make bangin posta, like noodles.

number 5) what else idk this is a good palce to end it gotta go back ad link shit

number 6) exs, wtf?

ok so next time, Time travel, saturday morning cartoons, and ESPN the Ocho.