Thursday, July 9, 2009


3 2xRum+Coke
1 Shot (unknown (thanks Ryan))

oooooooh man where to start.

So helens tonight ( if you couldnt tell from the drink list). amazing night. D/B lab came out, which was fun, they all peaces a bit early for my tatstes but then again I wasn't hanging out wih them that much. See i wish i was but im in too many spheres and they're not my primary when it comes to chillage. my primary did come, not my primary primary but my primary, the lease got fucked up,

but i do have a primary primary now, and that's awesome that's goats. Oh man I don't even know wheere/how to begin. im diggin it though mad hard.

however pheramonens are kicking in, but it's at that point where I don't even care. 2 weeks ago and you would have been fine but now that pheramones are kicking in you want to smell them. negitive dog.

Im leaving soon, and im pumped about it. well see what goats says but i think they know already.

i dont even know what to type. 5 in 45 will do that to you. I'm out of groceries so I guess I'm buying lunch tom. cafateria salads whats up (so dank). Either way I only "bough" 2 drinks toingiht, how does that work, cuase I know I got atleast one for myself and.... ok I think I should have paid for 3 but still, they got it back in tips. This also secures better/more boooze from now on.

I'm really pumped about that lunch salad im eatting tom, you guys have no idea.

I should post more r/c, because once goats are back there'll be no time. so here we go effort to make more rxc before goats.

jea jea

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