Saturday, January 17, 2009


so at the advice of a very prestigouse friend, ive created a drunk blog. ive already got one for dnd and real life. but im makin a drunk blog. itll be tight. so what to talk about.

number one) when the fuck did richmond get so weak. this is the second night in a row ive been kicked out of a house party. if youre going to have a house party in a fucking colledge town you need to have it in a place where sleeping roomies wont get buggeded and or you need to expect to be up until 5am. seriously. last night it was 1:30 and tonight before 230.

number 2) why the fuck does my phone keep dying? its weak as a bitch! its not even funny how weak this god damn phone is, its not even 3 mothns old? idk its still new and it sucks a fat babies dick. it cuts out when im trying to qwerty txt and then it cuts out randomly

number c) sup with people tryin to chill during break but not really. like I;ve had multiple people be like omg i miss you lets hang out but then nothing. 2-3 weeks of chill time and nothung. fake friends? possibly? not even true but possibly ture. i sitll love you guyws

number 4) lil soul and jack mailnly make bangin posta, like noodles.

number 5) what else idk this is a good palce to end it gotta go back ad link shit

number 6) exs, wtf?

ok so next time, Time travel, saturday morning cartoons, and ESPN the Ocho.

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