Saturday, March 21, 2009

get this its a shround

1) Legend Brown ale
2) .75 OE (nword)

See I cant say the real n word cause im not black. amd i never dated a black guy. so its its its its its its its its no beuno. i used to to think I black. dude dude jack totally ripped picakshu head. they wrre totaslly gunna fill it with beer. ok so this keay board. board made of kets is totally fuckin with the internet cause its not the internet that im used to and so its like a hard dick in my butt. i hope lary sanders does a 2 handed slam on my dick. cuase im jeff ni muchtfuckin macondadols. i was gunna turn ni into somethung else but im not black. man its racey night

ok so chck this out. 911 was totally the WTC (world tade centers) fault. Dude if the WTC didnt get in the way of a bitchin jump it wouldnt have gotten brike riped (brick raped in richmond). duide those werent planes, they were fuckin bullet train doin buitch jump to travel through time/.

check my new movie. Rape Vikings. it
's movie. about bkings. bikinds bicounds. vinkings. vikings. and so like their viking ship is a bullet train. and they travel through time. but! the only way they can travel throgh time is through bitchin jumps. and so they land in a time perido. peirod. guitar solo. and they have to build a nother bitching jump bu killing and raping and pillaghing and fucking and raping and fuck the locals, until they have enough bones, sinuw, cum, abordted feturss the build another bitchin jump for the bullet viking ttsin. and then the do a bitch jump into a ntoher time period and it stats all over. its gunna be 8 hours long. and then a guys gunna bring his girlfriend and the ticket guy is gunana .wpospod you brouigh your giurlfklsdkf?! what about this looks anything like whay a girl woul enjoy? dos this look like a jack rabbit? does this look like jack? cause we know what kinda girl like jacks. theyre called leas. and thats kinda gross. im sorry cad wilkder i still ove and your guitar solos. but im sorry you lost an action point. you failed your will vs intelegence save. /

the internet

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