Thursday, July 9, 2009


3 2xRum+Coke
1 Shot (unknown (thanks Ryan))

oooooooh man where to start.

So helens tonight ( if you couldnt tell from the drink list). amazing night. D/B lab came out, which was fun, they all peaces a bit early for my tatstes but then again I wasn't hanging out wih them that much. See i wish i was but im in too many spheres and they're not my primary when it comes to chillage. my primary did come, not my primary primary but my primary, the lease got fucked up,

but i do have a primary primary now, and that's awesome that's goats. Oh man I don't even know wheere/how to begin. im diggin it though mad hard.

however pheramonens are kicking in, but it's at that point where I don't even care. 2 weeks ago and you would have been fine but now that pheramones are kicking in you want to smell them. negitive dog.

Im leaving soon, and im pumped about it. well see what goats says but i think they know already.

i dont even know what to type. 5 in 45 will do that to you. I'm out of groceries so I guess I'm buying lunch tom. cafateria salads whats up (so dank). Either way I only "bough" 2 drinks toingiht, how does that work, cuase I know I got atleast one for myself and.... ok I think I should have paid for 3 but still, they got it back in tips. This also secures better/more boooze from now on.

I'm really pumped about that lunch salad im eatting tom, you guys have no idea.

I should post more r/c, because once goats are back there'll be no time. so here we go effort to make more rxc before goats.

jea jea

Sunday, May 31, 2009

1 OE
1 PBR40
1 prb

sketchism avoided


left the light on for you gove lock the door.

my AC is on, not my armor class thats only 16 cause i took armor prog (chainmail) i better get some duber chaul mail cause i already do 2d6 as 1(w). cheac

ultimate breafast toin get pumped

Saturday, May 23, 2009

i gotta pizza!

2 OEs


best bike ride ever

again, i wanna hate you but i cant cause you threw up on yourself because i was laughin tonight

love you, hurtin on the other.

fuck it, franswa, rebeard where were you dudes tonight. had a beautiful night without you anyway. so many great convos, this movie is ruinin my boner.

ragin in a glass fuckin cage

Dz on that bitch:

3 12oz hi lifes
1 Tallboy
1 purple jooce

ok sketch sausage fuckin left irght and center, bad enough about the cars and shit. but really? I know you're a mess but you're supposed to be cool about that shit girl. Events, honestly? no unnessicary. and TB i pissin love you but fuck I just want to trust and believe you. even know i dont believe its been two weeks. but that's just me.

shits the internet. and no youre not. godamit.

Monday, April 13, 2009


bonus blog tie in?

2 Soporros
4-5 Pyramid pints

ok so what the fuck was tonights interent?

all I want is 4 walls and adobe slats for my girls

man weirdness tonight, looks, stuff, cheers gov.

toms guna bloooooow i need to make more real Ragecages cause these last ones i havent een ragin or thyve been like this where they aernt so great

im just tryin to keep it pure, ya know? maybe i should delte this. and not do it agin

it's a cute idea but i mean after awhile its jsut like wtf gov. 7-15-cheers gove

good time tonight though. yellowcard.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

you know where jackie is better than I do

1 Legend Golden Ale
3 PBRs

ok so I haven't done this in awhile, sinc e iver dtber dhbr yde tgetre. eww the weak fish. i know thats exactly its like not even about being poilte.

ok so check this shit out, jess mother fuckin mess ia 10 not 10 but 19 today. for an hour shes been 19. so you mutherfuckers need to get on the ballz with a z like bodillaz and check her hout cause sbes gayyyyyyyt, ""ahppy birhtday jes!

she i dont edit this so iccan ttpe nd talk to you and itll e giberish? but

ya see im not reallly "rage cage" drunk but ya free ass hehe ass

the end. hapy birthday jess

Saturday, March 21, 2009

get this its a shround

1) Legend Brown ale
2) .75 OE (nword)

See I cant say the real n word cause im not black. amd i never dated a black guy. so its its its its its its its its no beuno. i used to to think I black. dude dude jack totally ripped picakshu head. they wrre totaslly gunna fill it with beer. ok so this keay board. board made of kets is totally fuckin with the internet cause its not the internet that im used to and so its like a hard dick in my butt. i hope lary sanders does a 2 handed slam on my dick. cuase im jeff ni muchtfuckin macondadols. i was gunna turn ni into somethung else but im not black. man its racey night

ok so chck this out. 911 was totally the WTC (world tade centers) fault. Dude if the WTC didnt get in the way of a bitchin jump it wouldnt have gotten brike riped (brick raped in richmond). duide those werent planes, they were fuckin bullet train doin buitch jump to travel through time/.

check my new movie. Rape Vikings. it
's movie. about bkings. bikinds bicounds. vinkings. vikings. and so like their viking ship is a bullet train. and they travel through time. but! the only way they can travel throgh time is through bitchin jumps. and so they land in a time perido. peirod. guitar solo. and they have to build a nother bitching jump bu killing and raping and pillaghing and fucking and raping and fuck the locals, until they have enough bones, sinuw, cum, abordted feturss the build another bitchin jump for the bullet viking ttsin. and then the do a bitch jump into a ntoher time period and it stats all over. its gunna be 8 hours long. and then a guys gunna bring his girlfriend and the ticket guy is gunana .wpospod you brouigh your giurlfklsdkf?! what about this looks anything like whay a girl woul enjoy? dos this look like a jack rabbit? does this look like jack? cause we know what kinda girl like jacks. theyre called leas. and thats kinda gross. im sorry cad wilkder i still ove and your guitar solos. but im sorry you lost an action point. you failed your will vs intelegence save. /

the internet