Saturday, January 31, 2009

chickens dont clap

The Deal:
3 Sparks

So whats up with life right now? I mean who really knows which way is up in this crazy undercavern maze? If only we were all dwarves, and we could tell how far we were the surface we are as easily as Humans could tell which way is north. I don't know I don't really have anything to talk about. Just life and its crazies.

I'mna throw out some shoutouts thou: cause thats how I do.
616 Spring: sorry I couldn't make it out tonight team, I'm the biggest flake in the world, but I hope shit was epic without me.
3/5 svine crew: you guys are tight I should make more appearances
DSM gang: I can hear you guys in the halls of my mind, I kinda wanna come chill but I have work in the morn
314 pine: you guys have my heart, current and past members, you kids are the jams
104 lomb: I love all of you, sorry i didnt call you today like I said I would, hope the seas have smoothed out
to all my gurc homz: do it, do it now
to my dubs crew: breakin my balls, workin and not workin, its all legit gimmie more CDs
to HH: heartz like one onz biz, wish I wasn't banned

to all my people, I love you all
to all my enemies, watch your back, this city will only offer you so much.

to Lcurl-txt me, i know your shittin bricks but i wanna make sure you got home alright.

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