Saturday, February 7, 2009

Got myself my body back

2 Legend Golden Ale 22s

When the fuck did we all gorve up? We're all kids still? I've been a "legal" adult for 3 some years now. I can buy alchol now, the only things I can't do on my own is rent a car and get the early bird special at dennys. I could die for my country right now, so why don't I feel like an adult? I'm just some fucking kid wandering through life not knowing which way is up. I'm dealing with all this "adult" shit but the word looks foeign to me. I went to a "pokemon" party tonight. It was syterical but I mean, that was our childhood. Childhood? Shithood. I',m not supposed to be this old. I'm gearing up to leave my stomping grounds, the place thats hosted me all my lif. I'm not ready, and I doubt another 4-6 months will do that. there are so many connections that I'm just statying to form that I'm going to abandon when I leave. Holy shit. 21 years. 2 decades. and it's only getting worse.

Chronic Future, take me home.

I don't want nostalaga.

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