Sunday, May 31, 2009

1 OE
1 PBR40
1 prb

sketchism avoided


left the light on for you gove lock the door.

my AC is on, not my armor class thats only 16 cause i took armor prog (chainmail) i better get some duber chaul mail cause i already do 2d6 as 1(w). cheac

ultimate breafast toin get pumped

Saturday, May 23, 2009

i gotta pizza!

2 OEs


best bike ride ever

again, i wanna hate you but i cant cause you threw up on yourself because i was laughin tonight

love you, hurtin on the other.

fuck it, franswa, rebeard where were you dudes tonight. had a beautiful night without you anyway. so many great convos, this movie is ruinin my boner.

ragin in a glass fuckin cage

Dz on that bitch:

3 12oz hi lifes
1 Tallboy
1 purple jooce

ok sketch sausage fuckin left irght and center, bad enough about the cars and shit. but really? I know you're a mess but you're supposed to be cool about that shit girl. Events, honestly? no unnessicary. and TB i pissin love you but fuck I just want to trust and believe you. even know i dont believe its been two weeks. but that's just me.

shits the internet. and no youre not. godamit.