Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On Secrets/On Small Cities

3 Pyramid (Bottles)

So Richmond is a relatively small city. And thus the grapevine runs deep and entangles much. Ergo, if you want your secrets kept secret, you have to really think about who you let known. Now there are some who you can tell won't keep your secrets secret. So you should look out for those people and learn quickly who will keep your secrets safe. I like to think that I have few if any secrets and that those who know them will keep them safe. I know how quickly news, espeically bad news, can travel in a city where there is so few degrees of seperation between people. With circles so large and people belonging to multiple circles it's odd to think would could find out your most personal things if you tell the wrong person. I feel confident in what I tell people but still, it gets me thinking. Who really knows specific details about my life, how many people know things I don't want them to know? Who knows. Back to David Bowie (maybe)

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