Sunday, February 1, 2009

Guest Post from: Le Sac Gonflable!

So anyways I was at the camael
I drank three pabbers and one-turd bottle of wurrrrrrrd uhrrrish ROOOSE
so back to the kamael- i was at the dick parety and theyre were like only too dicks dat i cud see i was like WTF WHERES DA DICK KACE da dick pihnata al the dick slides n shit WASENT ENROUHG DICJKS TO WARRENT A "DIC PARty"
back to the etale at hand - I awas sitting therere taakin a abreathere from the adance and i saw like a buch o prepops PEOPLE* go into the bathroom and i was like shit therer must be be siome mad sexy stuff goin on int here and ninida was all CHECJHK IUT OUT so snuck up rrrrr close and cracked thast door andsi gueesss WHAT? ervryone in there waswd all alkdaughin and takinf noff dey shoos so i left
AND later some odf em came oot casrryin they shoes ansd still laughguin.
anyyways funinner if you was there.
judt thoiught id terlll a good story er what evs. shiiiiiiiiiiiitiit
So hioew bout obama? yay?
anyways i ugitta pdeace out n siht
I fournfd a meatress theat smelld liek pisss wonce!

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