Monday, April 13, 2009


bonus blog tie in?

2 Soporros
4-5 Pyramid pints

ok so what the fuck was tonights interent?

all I want is 4 walls and adobe slats for my girls

man weirdness tonight, looks, stuff, cheers gov.

toms guna bloooooow i need to make more real Ragecages cause these last ones i havent een ragin or thyve been like this where they aernt so great

im just tryin to keep it pure, ya know? maybe i should delte this. and not do it agin

it's a cute idea but i mean after awhile its jsut like wtf gov. 7-15-cheers gove

good time tonight though. yellowcard.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

you know where jackie is better than I do

1 Legend Golden Ale
3 PBRs

ok so I haven't done this in awhile, sinc e iver dtber dhbr yde tgetre. eww the weak fish. i know thats exactly its like not even about being poilte.

ok so check this shit out, jess mother fuckin mess ia 10 not 10 but 19 today. for an hour shes been 19. so you mutherfuckers need to get on the ballz with a z like bodillaz and check her hout cause sbes gayyyyyyyt, ""ahppy birhtday jes!

she i dont edit this so iccan ttpe nd talk to you and itll e giberish? but

ya see im not reallly "rage cage" drunk but ya free ass hehe ass

the end. hapy birthday jess