Saturday, February 21, 2009

That's exactly why shouldnt go home with someone i dont know

3.5? Oldcrow/Dr. Pibbs (even thought we know he just got his masters)
1/2 PRB "pitcher" it was 8 bux too much. I shared a little

ok so what i write about. some k ept drinin praticks beard.

This is why suck jess. because she makes us a bagin past (i addded sun chips) and then she dips with some randasaurus and she join the cuddle puddle. now it just gunna ve me and pdubs. not panera but patcik (rockbeard (red beard)). but not brody patrack ice red bead. hes diff sauce. i have to pee. umm check the drawn under the coffe maker for aluminum foil. but not my foil. cause 1) i dont take fecning 2) i dont like spots of teats ,or dogs for that matter #) im not th eniter net 4) im not hertoic to have a foil, i mean who would pick me as their protagtonist? not me? and thats saying something. imana eat some more pasta. itll be tight. not its cool jess i have some in my bowl just six nix to da pizzle, not that pizza. that pizzza is old. sit next to pizzle (patcik) hes got red genese. not jeans. cause thats me . but g genes. like red hair . where the fuck is cory? ????? fuck that kid says that kid. jesscia says the one thgats dippin the fuc k out with randosaurus rexasaurs. tlka shit iw dont even know what he just said. dude their all on the intenret like not even facebook.

txts can be el dangerousso. hope your ok. <3s even thouh
lil soul +crew. you dipped. which makes you weak. no we should not listen to bed folds. there i dont want you to show me some bed folds. well i have 3 blogs. rifhtrno w im in the durnk bkog. regeistering everthing we say. then theres the dnd blog. then theres ninjasnackpants. oh man you didnt txt back. bad news bears. ok

so this is good to rap up theyre singing flaming lips and then bright eyss just came so this is bad news bears.

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